"Time and Eternity"

By Judy Killian

"Family Portrait"

Created by Judy Killian

"Sea Anemone"

Fused and Painted

       by Judy Killian

"Quana's Moon"                                                                   Created by Judy Killian

​Window Panels

Main Door for the Denali Borough Office 

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"Science or Magic" 

I was very humbled and honored to win Double First Place, Juried and Peoples Choice,  at the Stained Glass Association of America's 2015 Annual conference in Portland, Oregon. This panel was made with many new and traditional glass techniques and met the criteria of the contest set forth by Uroboros Glass Studio. It is also Three dimensional as the fused dragons head comes out of the panel to catch the sheet of gold glass flying out of the Glory Hole formed by the infinite Uroboros symbol. I really like the hand carved leads to form thick and thin lines and plan to do this again. Many of the glass pieces were contour fused, like the dragons colored belly and arm that appears to defy the lead line.                                                                                          Created by Judy Killian

"The Chapel of Seven Sorrows"

Fused and Painted By Judy Killian

"Pat's Seashells" 

The Photos show different lighting on the painted shells. The window was designed by Judy Killian to match Pat's tile pattern, 

The window was built and delivered by Rebecca Hartman. This window traveled all over New York State with us in 2009 for a month before delivery, and then was most likely destroyed in a Huicane that hit Rock Port, NY a few years later.