"The Peaceful Dance"                                                           1982 Ink by Judy (Buhlert) Killian       I loved to Scuba Dive!

"Spring Trumpeter"   

​1985 Ink By Judy (Buhlert) Killian

I am not sure if I found Alaska, or if she called me to her. But I am certain she formed me. 

This is the old Eielson Vistors Center 67 miles out into Denali National Park, one of the destinations I drove my bus to. 

Ink Drawings

"Neighbors"                          Ink By Judy (Buhlert) Killian

A Little trip down memory lane ..... Ink Drawing.  

During much of the 1980's I lived an amazing adventurous life from Baja California to Alaska. Often with no power or running water, so I used very little paint during this time.

I am a sixth generation Californian, descended from the Gold Rush immigrants, but my spirit did not fit well in the modern California... so I hid from the noise in the sea. 

When I took work in Alaska as a Shuttle Bus driver in Denali National Park, in 1983, my soul found it's peace and place. ...... until the tourist industry descended heavily on that paradise too. 

After 33 years, we are now beginning a new adventure in Idaho, where we have once again found quiet and simplicity.

"2012 Christmas Card Cover for Catholic Bishop Kettler

of Fairbanks Alaska"

 One of many covers done for him over many years.

2012 Ink Drawing By Judy Killian

One of many Isopods drawn from a microscope for Dr. Brusca at the San Diego Natural History Museum  in 1982.                       

I  was also lucky enough to illustrate a Golfing Manuel for Women,  A Doll Catalog, and Pamphlets to promote the Vermillion Sea Marine Biology Field Station in Bahia De Los Angeles through Mira Costa College.                                

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"The Chaos of My Teen Years"              around 1980  Ink by Judy (Buhlert) Killian

​"Welcome Home to Scenic California"                                                                          Ink by Judy (Buhlert) Killian.

During one of my visits home from Alaska in 1985, I found houses growing in my back yard again. I used to watch the stars in that yard, but now, in 2015, the night lights from houses fill the land to the horizon. 

"The Welcoming"                        

 A gift for my friend, Fr. Bayler's Ordination

2009 Ink Drawing By Judy Killian