"Mid Winter Color on The Parks Highway in Alaska"

1985, colored pencil,  By Judy (Buhlert) Killian


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"Fall view from the Park Road by Wonder Lake, Denali National Park"  

1983, colored pencil, by Judy (Buhlert) Killian

"Happy"                              Charcoal  by Judy (Buhlert) Killian

"Aiden"     Pencil by Judy Killian

"Pink Mouth Murex" 

1983, Ink & colored pencil on velum. By Judy (Buhlert) Killian

"Self Portrait. Finding myself at home in the wilderness and the sea. Artist and Traveler"

1985 Charcoal and Ink By Judy (Buhlert) Killian

​"Cathie Jo milking Susan and Daphne at the Cabin"    1984, colored pencil, by Judy (Buhlert) Killian

"Self Portrait" 

1984, colored pencil, By Judy (Buhlert) Killian

"But, but, but..... "                                                1982, colored pencil​, By Judy (Buhlert) Killian

"Tired"                               Charcoal  by Judy (Buhlert) Killian