​Summer and Winter

A woman and a Bear with her cub, picking blue berries on opposite sides of a spruce tree. I love berry season, the bears are happy.

Wolves howling

Some roses for The Dome Home before they were painted and installed.

​Basket Weave with local wild flowers.

In the Summer Cycle you can find moose, caribou, wolves howling, Dall sheep, fish jumping, beaver swimming, Sandhill Cranes and eagles flying, ptarmigan on a tree top,  a lynx chasing a Snowshoe Hare, and probably more that I have forgotten.

Winter Cycle has a bull moose,

dog sled team, Snowshoe hare, aurora, and

Mt. Denali. 

Textured Walls and Ceilings

I have done many of these, only twice have I tried color on them. It looks kind of like a kids play room with color. I love the subtleness of the white. It leaves a person to discover the texture and what it hides in the design. 

Fireweed and Birch Trees

Not all the texture has to be on the ceiling, here are some small wall accents. 

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